Monday, November 29, 2010

Day One

So we're on the plane! It's been Operation 99 getting everyone through check-in and security, and we still have a few more check-ins to go!! We have found out today exactly who is a morning person and who is comatose without the aid of caffeine. So far, we haven't lost or maimed anyone...a good start. We will, however, be collecting Erin Simmons at Shanghai due to ill health. We're looking forward to having her back onboard. Ollie Pawson wins the jackpot this morning, the coveted seat next to Ms O'Neill. At this point I should introduce Galumph the frog, our BSS Muso travel mascot, who will be in the care of a few students each day. Wherever they go, he goes as well. Whatever new and exciting experiences they have, he will have as well! Parents have tearfully waved their kiddies goodbye, some jumped for joy and high-fived each other when they thought we weren't looking. So, from halfway between Adelaide and Sydney, I am signing off for the first time.

Wish us luck!

Fearless Leader

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