Thursday, November 11, 2010

not long now!!!!

There is a buzz in the air as the Tour Choir Kiddies get increasingly excited and the Tour Choir Staff bite their fingernails down to the quick as they try to get everything done before the tour.

At least this time, with a touring party of 86, if we lose a few our "percentage of return" is still going to be good. Especially in the kiddie-count. Even the simplest everyday things are going to be an adventure in themselves. Feeding and watering 86 people?! Stuffing 86 of us onto a plane?! I can only imagine...!

But right now, Panadol-free, I'm with the kiddies - I'm genuinely excited about taking this group away, seeing some amazing sights, performing at some incredible venues and drinking some fabulous coffee. The stir-fry dog I'm looking forward to as well...!


  1. Hi all,

    I assume you're all having too much fun to update the blog (or Chinese technology is not up to scratch). Enjoy the warmish weather in Shanghai - it's freezing and snowing in Zurich! (between about +3 and -7 degrees C)

    Did the girl who was sick on Tuesday morning manage to get there in the end? Not good if you're loosing one before you even leave! How are the other stomachs holding up after a few days of foreign food?

    What's the Panadol count now Annie? Hope everything is running smoothly. Enjoy the sights, shopping and singing.

  2. Thanks for asking about Erin (who was sick on Tuesday morning). She was collected by Craig Bentley at the airport the following night, having flown out recovered and in good spirits on Wednesday morning. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped us - especially Craig. Annette (Erin's mum)