Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Three

Today I discovered the bargaining prowess of our students and the locals discovered that our Brighton students are not to be messed with when they have their eye on a bargain - not to mention our ferocious parents! A morning at The Water Tower, the local markets a hop, skip and a Chinese junket ride away provided students their first chance to sink their teeth into present shopping. The most exciting and unusual sounds, sights and smells filled the air; steamed rice buns, deep-fried tofu, herbs, meats, live seafood, dumplings and other assorted goodies were up for sale. Students returned with loot ranging from smoking pipes (presents of course) to chess sets. After lunch at the local restaurant over-looking the river, we went for a second round of shopping in a bargain mall, The New Heaven and Earth turned out to be a wonderfully engaging labyrinth of shops and cares from all around the world, and at the perfect balance of quality and price for our students. Sadly, our time was limited here.

Expect some presents upon arrival back home!

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